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Every Child’s Dream

Like everyone else out there, I must admit that my childhood was far from perfect.  However, it was mine and I wouldn’t trade it for any other.

As I mentioned before, I was the second of four children.  With only five years between my older brother’s age and my youngest sister’s age, we enjoyed a lot of the same things.  We did almost everything together and were very close.

As children, if you saw one of us, then more than likely you would see all four of us.  We spent spring and summer playing in the yard… bike riding, kickball, volleyball, baseball, hide and seek, tag, swimming, etc.  In the fall and winter we were often outside also.  Whether it was playing in the golden leaves of fall, sledding down the small embankment in our front yard, or building snowmen and snow forts, we enjoyed being outside.

Snowman Catching Snowflakes

One of my fondest childhood memories is eating snow-cream.  I realize this is going to sound disgusting to some, but it is sanitary an tastes delicious.  When we came in from playing in the snow, mom would mix snow, sugar, milk, and vanilla flavoring to make a treat similar to ice cream.  We only collected clean, undisturbed snow from the top of the picnic table.  We didn’t eat the snow we were running and playing in or the snow the animals had disturbed.  I might also mention that we do not live near any cities with heavy smog and pollution.  I don’t think polluted snow would taste good or be healthy, so use your best judgment if you decide to try it.

Oh if only we could stay little forever… no worries… no cares…every child dreams of growing up… every adult wishes to go back to those days when life seemed so much easier.



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