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dscn4712In my last post, I mentioned Thanksgiving dinner.  Well, I was determined to have dinner with my family.  Here’s my lovely Thanksgiving Dinner.  Starting top left and going clockwise, this would be mashed red sweet potatoes, mashed turkey, mashed green beans, and regular mashed potatoes.  My family complimented my dinner.  They said, “That looks just like what they serve at the nursing home.”  For those of you who are wondering…that’s a small plate and yes, it stayed down… for almost a half hour before it came back up 🤢.  Thanks gastroparesis!  Don’t worry, I didn’t take now and later pictures! 🙂

An update from the previous post, my gastric stimulator had to be turned off Monday because it is still shocking my diaphragm and causing me breathing issues.  So, I’m back to liquids until they get that fixed.  I go to see a surgeon next week, so I hope it won’t take long.  The gastric stimulator is helping to improve my stomach emptying, they just need to revise the wire location so that I don’t get the pain, discomfort, and irregular/controlled breathing from my diaphragm being shocked. They did x-rays to see where my wires were.  With two implanted batteries and two sets of wires coming from them, my x-rays are interesting… I’m trying to decide whether or not to post them.

As for Thanksgiving, although I wasn’t feeling my best, I did enjoy spending time with my family.  I’m so thankful that God blessed me to be a part of a family that tries to understand my health situation even when I can’t figure it out myself.  God has blessed me with so much and I’m thankful for everything He has done for me.  I’m also thankful for the doctors who are trying to help improve my health situation.  Last, I’m thankful for my K-9 sidekick, who is currently laying at my feet snoring.

dscn4725It rained a little today and I snapped a picture of Pepper sitting at the door.  He didn’t want to go out because he’s spoiled and he might get his  paws wet.  He finally gave in and went outside. When he came back dripping wet, he was happy to be wrapped in a towel and held while his fur dried.  Yes, he is spoiled rotten, but he deserves it… because he takes care of me.





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