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Back to School Dreams of Starring On A Game Show

Hello again.  So, this is day seven of thirty.  Today marks the end of my first week of My Mighty Month 30 Day Journaling Challenge.  I’ve decided to mix things up a bit and give these daily challenges a title a little more interesting than the boring old “Day x of 30” I’ve been using.  For the rest of this challenge, I’ll be working on creative titles that give you a hint about what I’ll be writing about.  Today’s title is kind of like the before and after category on Wheel of Fortune.

Personal Prompt: You’re going back to school! What would you study and why?

School Girl Raising HandThe personal prompt for today would relate to the “Back to School Dreams” portion of my title.  If I were to go back to school, what would I study and why is a question I have asked myself many times.

Despite the obstacles that stood in my way, I managed to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and  Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology.  Without accommodations, I would not have been able to complete either degree.  Now, I hold two college degrees that I’m not physically able to do anything with.

On several occasions I’ve run the idea of going back to school through my head.  If my health were to improve, I probably would.  I would like to get a degree in counseling and work with children and teenagers with chronic illnesses.  I was diagnosed with migraines when I was six years old and CRPS/RSD when I was fifteen years old. I know first hand how hard those childhood and teenage years can be when you have an illness that you, your friends, and your family don’t understand.  I remember the hours of research I put into finding out what CRPS/RSD was.  20 years ago, many of the people caring for me in the medical field hadn’t heard of this disease and I felt like I was having to teach a medical course to every nurse, ER doctor, and physical therapist I saw.

I would like to become a counselor for children and teens with chronic illnesses because it would be a way for me to pay it forward.  There were family members, friends, teachers, and people in the medical field who stood by me and supported me in my efforts to learn everything I could about this rare, little known disease, called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, when I was diagnosed with it in 1996. I would like to be able to help children and teens learn everything they can about chronic illnesses they are diagnosed with.  I would also like to be there to support them through their trials and rejoice with them when they overcome obstacles in their lives and reach milestones no one thought they could.

Creative Prompt: Create a game show.  (What are the rules? How many contestants are there? What sort of prizes are there?)

News Reporter on TVThis would be the “Dreams of Starring on a Game Show” portion of the title.

I think I would like to create a knowledge Game Show where the contestants are doctors.  The show would last one hour and have three contestants.  I would like for a portion  of the game show to be a question and answer session where the doctors compete against each other to answer questions about random medical facts.  These questions would range from simple facts all doctors should know to harder facts about specific diseases and procedures.  I would also like a hands on portion where doctors are given a patient with a specific health concern which they have to treat.  During this portion, the doctors would have access to medical information available to the general public on the internet.  A panel of judges, which would be made up of a real-life doctor specializing in a field related to the illness of the patient being treated, a nurse, a celebrity doctor from some medical television show, and two members of the general public picked from the viewing audience that day.  These five judges would award points to each doctor during the hands-on portion of the show based on bed side manners and accuracy of treatment provided.  I would recommend the patient being treated on the show be either a healthy person or a manikin/doll/dummy, but allow people with chronic illnesses to volunteer if they wanted to.   The doctor having the highest score at the end of the show would win money to donate to a medical research program of their choice. I’m not sure what I would call the game show.



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