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Time Travel

Both of today’s prompts have to do with time machines and time travel.  The personal prompt allows you to change the events of one day in your past and the creative prompt allows you to visit the decade of your choice.  I’m sure we’ve all at some point in life thought about how life would have been different if we had made different decisions.  Maybe I’m strange, but even if I had the ability to use a time travel machine I don’t think I would.  Sure it would be tempting to say I would go back to the nineteen nineties and warn myself of what was yet to come or to change the events of the day I injured my knee, the injury that most likely led to me developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, but I realize if I changed the course of events that day, the rest of my life would have been different as well.  Instead of a chronic pain disease I could have ended up with something more serious or even deadly.  If I changed that day, I wouldn’t have had the experiences that molded me into the person I am today.  I would have went down a different path, met different people, and lived a totally different life.  The life I have lived has had its share of challenges, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  So, if you find a time machine, feel free to travel where you want and change anything of your own, but don’t touch my past, present, or future.


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