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A Multi-Million Dollar Personality

Hey, did you know they have that save button over there for a purpose?  I had this post finished and ready to post, when the webpage stopped responding and had to reload.  I hadn’t saved it, so now I get to start again.

Personal Prompt: How would you describe yourself?  Ask a friend or family member how they would describe you and compare notes.

detective-notepad-and-pencilI’ve been trying to think of a list of words to describe myself and I’m having trouble coming up with a list because I don’t want to sound conceited or full of myself.  That may cause one to think I’m self-conscious or unsure of myself.  Those two words probably describe all of us at some point in our lives, but they don’t really tell you anything about a person’s true character.  I see myself as kind, caring, educated, compassionate, loving, full of life, and a lover of nature.

Other people tell me I’m trustworthy, supportive, helpful, faithful, and spiritual.  Sometimes I wonder where these descriptions come from.  I do try to be trustworthy.  I try to always tell the truth and if I say I’m going to do something I try to keep my word.  Sometimes my health gets in my way and it may take weeks to complete what may seem to be a simple task or request, but I always try to do what I say I will do.  Being supportive and helpful seem to go hand in hand.  While I often find myself needing more help than what I can offer, I do help others to the best of my ability.  I’m the type person who doesn’t have to be center stage.  I’m happy on the side lines cheering you on.  I’m there to celebrate your victories, but also there when you need a shoulder to cry on.  Faithful and spiritual… I’m not ashamed to stand up and say I believe in God and that I’m a Christian.  Being a Christian doesn’t mean I’m perfect.  I make mistakes the same as the rest of the world.  I know I fall short.  I could spend more time reading and studying my Bible, but I am trying to live my life right.

handicapped-symbolSome people would describe me as disabled, handicapped, or confined to a wheelchair.  While those words do describe my inability to walk or work, they don’t really describe me.  It doesn’t bother me if that’s the only words you can find to describe me, but be warned, when you describe me that way, what I hear you saying is that you don’t know the real me!

Creative prompt: You bought a lottery ticket and won $10 million. How will you spend your money?

dollar-signAfter paying my bills and buying groceries, my bank account is empty.  Therefore, I must admit that if I had ten million dollars to spend, I would start out being a little selfish.  I would begin by buying a piece of land and building myself a house.  I truly appreciate my parents allowing me to live under their roof, but a place to call my own would be nice.  Next, I would buy a wheelchair accessible van.  I can’t drive, but my mom could use a new vehicle.  She drives me everywhere I need to go.  Last, I would buy myself a new mobility scooter.  The one I currently own doesn’t run.  It needs batteries and a wheel.  If I purchased a new one, I would get one with four wheels and shocks.  I mainly use mine outside.  I’ve turned my three-wheeled one over several times and ended up getting hurt.  I think shocks would make my ride a little more smooth and less painful.  If I bought a new one, I could fix up the old one and donate it to someone who needs one for indoor use, but can’t afford it.

Dollar Sign.pngAfter buying what I would want, I would still have a whole lot of money left.  I would donate it to churches and charities.  I would start by donating to the church congregations I attend.  Then I would donate to charities that take care of orphans and sick children.  I admire places like the Center for Courageous Kids and Potter Children’s Home and Family Ministries, and would love to be able to help them out.  I would also donate to medical research.

If you are hoping for your part of my multi-million, don’t hold your breath.  I don’t play Owl Thank Youthe lottery.  However, if you have ten million dollars collecting dust I accept gifts.  No matter how much money you have, I encourage you to help others by donating to a non-profit or charity.  If ten million people donated just one dollar each that would be… you can do the math!  So, if you take my advice and make a donation, thank-you!

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