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Dreams and Super-powers

Personal Prompt: What is one thing you have always dreamed of doing but are too afraid to try? Make a pros and cons list to evaluate your options.

Ooh, that’s a loaded question.  It requires admitting fear.

I must admit there’s not much that I want to do that I’m really “afraid” of doing.  I was a little afraid of riding a horse two years ago, but I did it anyway.  Okay, maybe I was a lot afraid of falling off… so afraid that I held so tightly my hands hurt when the ride was over and it was just a short ride but I didn’t let fear stop me com giving it a try.

Girl Driving a CarThere are a few places I would like to go and places I would like to see that I’ve never been before.  I would love to see Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore.  I’m really not sure why I want to see the faces of dead presidents carved in rock, except that I just have an interest in art.  The only things keeping me from going to these places is money and health. I do good to travel three hours to see my doctor, so traveling half way across the country would be very difficult.  I guess fear kind of does keep me from going now that I think about it.  I hate seeing new doctors and I would be a little afraid to travel so far from home because if I got seek and needed medical treatment I couldn’t get back home to my doctors.

Creative Prompt: You wake up one morning and discover you’ve developed a superpower!  What is your superpower? Describe your superhero persona.

Superhero Girl Flying Through SpaceIf I woke up one morning and had a super power, I would want it to be the ability to heal sick children.  I can remember how when I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, my Pappaw (grandfather) would talk about how old people like him were supposed to have pain, but young people like me wasn’t.  I was a teenager at the time and didn’t really understand what he was saying.  Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, it’s often harder for me to watch a child struggle with pain than it is for me to be in pain myself.  As an adult, I don’t understand my pain, but I’ve learned to cope.  I didn’t get this pain until I was a teenager.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to be the parent of a child with chronic pain.  Children expect their parents to be able to kiss their boo boo and make it all  better, but that isn’t always possible.

If I had this super power, I would want to keep it a secret.  I wouldn’t want people to know it was me.  I would want to come in unnoticed In the night or under an invisible cloak.  I wouldn’t want to be famous for doing good deeds.



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