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Freaky Friday Must Haves

Personal Prompt: Freaky Friday! In some weird twist of events, you get the opportunity to trade places with someone for a day.  Who would you trade places with and why?

Wow, Friday the thirteenth… Freaky Friday?  On this day that everyone else fears, I think of my grandmother.  She’s eighty-three years old and considers thirteen… drum roll please… she considers thirteen a lucky number.  She’s the wonderful mother of thirteen children.  She’s never believed the superstition many believe about the number thirteen.

However, it would definitely be freaky if I could trade lives with someone else.  I can’t imagine how freaky it would be for the other person to have the pain of CRPS or the nausea and vomiting of gastroparesis. It would be difficult for me to pick someone to trade places with because I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

Okay, at this very moment I feel like the cartoon character with the devil sitting on one shoulder and an angel on the other one.  The devil is saying, “Just think how great it would be to give your illnesses away for a day. Have you forgotten that psychologist who said it was all in your head? Wouldn’t you like to give him a little taste of what you live with daily?” Then my goodness comes out and the little angel on the other side says, “Oh, but that was fifteen or twenty years ago, you’ve moved on and found doctors who believe in you. Besides he is an old man now and you wouldn’t really want him to suffer that way.”  Have I convinced you yet that I’m crazy?  I don’t really see people on my shoulder, I just have these conversations in my head. Somehow I always end up doing what’s right. You would think that little devil would quit talking, but he’s not one to give up.  I guess he can keep talking, but I’m not listening.

Creative Prompt: You developed the new must have item of the year. Describe what the item is and how you would advertise it.

Wow, the must have item of the year… that’s a tough one.  Some people would want health, some would want beauty, and some would want wealth. Me, I would just like a long-handled pick.  You know one of those comb like things you use to fix your hair.  Having had several surgeries where I couldn’t raise my arms above my head for six weeks has made for some interesting hairstyles. I have naturally curly hair and it’s a naturally curly mess when I wake up in the mornings. I could brush it without raising my arms up, but brushing my curls just causes frizz.  I developed a way to pick my hair by attaching my hair pick to a ruler, like children use to measure things at school.  I used rubber bands to attach it, but they are stretchy and that didn’t work so well. So I would like to design hair styling tools with long plastic handles to accommodate people who cannot raise their arms up. It may not be the item of the year everyone wants, but I’m sure there are other people out there that would think this was a great product.


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