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New Beginning

Personal Prompt: You have the opportunity to start a new career, what will you do and why?

Student Using ComputerFor me, any career would be great.  I managed to finish my teaching degree with a lot of accommodations, but am physically unable to teach.  While student teaching, I found that students with learning disabilities and student’s with health issues seemed to draw to me.

Since graduating from college, six years ago, I’ve often wished I had went for a counseling degree to work with children with special needs.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think I would enjoy working with children who are sick or facing other learning difficulties reach their full potential.  I would love to help them see that there’s nothing they can’t do.

The hard part of the job for me would be losing some of these children to death because of their illnesses.  When I did my student teaching, I got to know a little girl in the second grade.  This little girl was in a wheelchair.  I was on crutches at the time.  I never heard them little girl talk, so I don’t know if she was able to talk or not.  Every morning when her parents dropped her off at school, her assistant met them and took her to class. She was in the classroom next door to the one I was student teaching in.  So, I would usually be out in the hallway and see her coming in.  She always had a smile on her face and that’s what kept me pushing on. Even with accommodations and only being at school four hours a day, student teaching was physically challenging for me with my health issues.  When I would see that little girls smile, it was the encouragement I needed to get through the day.  I started making it a point of being in the hallway in the mornings when she was coming to class because I needed her smile.  She passed away from complications from her health issues a couple of years later.

I know if I were counseling sick children, I would attach and it would be hard to give them up.  However, I still think it’s a career I would enjoy.

Creative Prompt: You got a book deal! Pick which kind of book you will write (fiction, memoir, etc.) and write a brief summary of the plot.

BookshelfIf I were to get a book deal, I would write a book that was nonfiction.  The book would be divided in three sections.  The first section would include several educational chapters describing the chronic illnesses I live with.  The second section would contain several chapters telling my story about living with these chronic illnesses.  The third section would include stories submitted by other people living with these chronic illnesses.  I would sell the book and donate some of the profit to research and support groups to help those of us learning to live our new lives with chronic illness.


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