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Personal Prompt: Draw your day.  Don’t worry about how it looks, you don’t have to be an artist to excel at this challenge.

So, I spent most of the day today in bed.  The first half of the day was in a hospital bed.  The second half was in the car on the way home and then in my own bed.  The picture is my hospital room.  I had a room with a view.  I was in a two person room and I had the window bed.  The blinds were closed. This morning we opened them to look out.  About three feet out from the window was a lovely speckled concrete wall. No wonder they had the blinds closed.  Who would want to stare at that?  Here’s my lovely stick drawing. In case you can’t tell, I’ve not had a lot of practice drawing digitally with a stylus.

My Day.jpg

Creative Prompt: Set a timer for 10 minutes and draw the first thing that pops into your head.

My dog was so happy to see me when I came home today.

Puppy getting treat.jpg


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