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Personal Prompt: Make a list of negative thoughts you’ve had today, then come up with some positive thoughts to counter them.

Once again, I have to say wow. I’m amazed by the way these journaling prompts are falling on just the right days. There’s been one negative thought in my mind most of the day today. I was at the emergency room yesterday because my picc line had apparently clotted off. As I lay there sick because my gastroparesis was making me vomit and in pain, the nurse came in to try to open my picc line. My negative thought today has been about something the nurse said last night. She came in with something to put in my picc that would hopefully dissolve any blood clots that may have formed in my picc line. The nurse looked at me and said, “I learned how to do this in class, but I’ve never done it on anyone before.” That concerned me a little, but it was her next statement that angered me. She said, “You’re lucky, you get to be first.” As you might imagine, I was not feeling lucky. I didn’t say a word, but my facial expression must have said it all because her next words were, “You probably don’t think it’s lucky.” She was exactly right. I didn’t think it was luck when I was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. I didn’t think it was luck when I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. I definitely didn’t think it was luck that my picc line wasn’t working or that the person trying to fix it had never done this before. I’m assuming anyone in my situation would be having negative thoughts about a nurse telling them they were lucky.

However negative my thoughts toward the situation were last night and have been most of the day today, I do have positive thoughts to counter those negative thoughts. I’m thankful that the medicine worked to remove whatever clots were blocking the picc line. If the medicine hadn’t worked, I guess they would have removed the picc line and put a new one in. I’m assuming that would have taken a few days because I’m assuming they would have needed to wait for prior authorization from my insurance.

So, even though I thought the nurse’s comment about being lucky was inappropriate and I’ve been having negative thoughts about it, something positive did come out of the situation. No one else will be the first, because the nurse has already unclogged one picc line now. I hope she never has to do that again for anyone else, but if she does, I hope she has success with unclogging theirs like she did with mine.

Creative Prompt: You decide to adopt a pet. What kind of pet do you adopt? Pick a name and give them a creative backstory.”

pepper-and-luckyI’ve adopted both the pets I currently have. My oldest dog, Lucky, was adopted as a puppy. A stray dog came to out house and had pups. As I’ve mentioned,  on the blog page titled “My Pets,” Lucky was the runt, the mommy dog refused to let her nurse, and I saved her life. Pepper was a gift from my Pappaw. Pepper requires a lot of grooming and Pappaw wasn’t able to take care of him, so I adopted Pepper.

The only pets I’ve had besides dogs have been fish and snails. With my love of dogs, I’ll probably adopt another dog some time in the future if I live long enough. I’m hoping some day to adopt a dog that is trained as a service animal. I believe I would benefit from a dog that was trained to help me open doors, to retrieve objects I drop, and to help me with my mobility issues. Only time will tell what animal I’ll adopt in the future. For now, I’m too tired to come up with a creative name or story about adopting a dog, but if I do get a service dog in the future, I’ll definitely blog about it.


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