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My Perfect Day

Personal Prompt: Plan your perfect day. What are you doing, where are you going, who is with you? 

My perfect day would be a low pain, low nausea, almost vomit free day. To the general public any day that you have pain and have nausea and vomiting is a bad day, but for those of us with CRPS and gastroparesis, a little pain, a little nausea, and a little vomiting is a good day. If anyone else in my house vomits once, they think they are sick. If I vomit less than five times in one day, we celebrate!

On a good day, I would like to take my family and spend the day doing something in nature. Maybe a trip to Natural Bridge  or somewhere like that, to just have a picnic and enjoy being together. Natural Bridge is a state park not far from where I live, the link will take you to their website if you want to know more about the park or you can check out their Facebook page

I love being outdoors and spending time with my family. Those that were able, could take one of the hiking trails to the bridge or other lookout areas or we could spend the time all together playing mini golf or riding pedal  boats. Maybe we would just sit under a tree in the shade and enjoy nature and catch up on what is going on in each others lives.

In today’s world, everyone is always busy doing their own thing and no one seems to have time to spend with their family. I would love to have an unplugged weekend with my family where there was no access to Facebook and other social media. I would gladly give up my blog and online games to spend time with family and friends.

Creative Prompt: Rewrite the plot of your favorite movie as if it were science fiction. (If your favorite film is a science fiction movie, rewrite it as a romantic comedy.) 

I’m trying to think of a favorite movie, but I really don’t have a favorite one. I don’t watch movies much. If I watch a movie, it’s usually whatever looks interesting on Netflix. I’m not into science fiction, so even if I were to have a favorite movie, rewriting it as a Sci-Fi would be difficult. I do watch a lot of romantic comedies though. Romantic movies are so predictable. Five minutes into the movie, I can usually tell you who is going to fall in love. Sometimes I wonder why I even watch romantic movies.


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