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Personal Prompt: Describe a time when someone treated you kindly. What made this interaction so special? 

There have been lots of times in my life that people have been kind to me by opening doors, getting things down off high shelves, asking how I am, calling to check on me, and other things like that. However, there are two instances of kindness that really pop out in my mind. One was the day a college classmate treated me with kindness by seeing beyond my disability, I wrote about it several weeks ago, you can read the story here.

The second moment of kindness that comes to mind is my trip to a camp for kids. I had sent an email asking if the people who worked at the camp knew of any places adults with chronic illnesses could go to have fun with their family. It’s hard for someone in a wheelchair, who has gastroparesis and complex regional pain syndrome to enjoy family outings to amusement parks and places like that. I thought since they worked with children with disabilities that maybe they would have heard of other places the families they served might have taken their children.  My nice, who was eight at the time, wanted us to take a family trip, but was worried because I couldn’t do the things they did. The CEO of the camp made an exception and invited me to bring my niece and nephew there for a weekend. I thought that was very nice. We had a wonderful time and will cherish those memories forever.

Creative Prompt: You are part of the first group to settle on Mars and can only bring 10 personal items with you. What do you bring and why? 

  1. Soft socks – You’ve got to have warm feet and my CRPS demands soft socks.
  2. Soft clothes –  Space suits don’t look comfy, I would have to have soft clothes to keep my legs from hurting
  3. My dog – do they make space suits for dogs? If not I’m not going because I must have my dog.
  4. My bed – I have trouble sleeping anywhere else.
  5. Okay this is number five out of ten, but I just ran out of numbers. I couldn’t go to Mars without my family, friends, and doctors. I guess I won’t be one of the first group to settle on Mars.

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