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Super Powers and Heroes


Personal Prompt: For those living with health issues, if you could cure yourself, would you? Why or why not?

Wow, what a question. While I may not be willing to change my past because it has formed me into the person I am, I would be more than willing to change my present and future. I’ve been told there is not a known cure for complex regional pain syndrome or gastroparesis, and I can’t speak for others with these two  chronic illnesses, but if a cure were found I would accept it. If I could cure myself, I would.

To some, that might sound selfish,  but my reason for curing myself would be far from selfish.  The reason I would cure myself would be so that I could help so many others. If I could cure myself, I would have the knowledge to cure others living with the same medical issues. I do as much as I can to help others despite my illnesses, but if I were cured, I could do so much more. I could be wrong, but I think someone who has experienced a chronic illness would be more understanding and helpful than someone who has never been there. If a person has never stood face to face with a diagnosis that has no cure, how could they possibly understand how it feels?

In the meantime, while I wait for my cure, I’ll continue to try different treatments being used to help the symptoms of my illnesses. Who knows, the cure may be closer than we think. We can’t lose hope!

If you know the cure, post it in the comments below and be sure to use your real name so you get credit for it, because if it works I’m going to share it with everyone.

Creative Prompt: Cartoon characters usually have a signature look that never changes. If you were a cartoon, how would you be styled? For this prompt you can either write a description of your character or draw it.

My imagination is running wild with this one. I’m imaging a super hero in a  jet powered wheelchair. I’m not big on guns and violence in children’s cartoons, so my superhero would have crutches rigged with rubber-bands to use to throw cream pies at the bad guys. If you’ve ever made fun of a person living with a chronic illness, I have a pie for you. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Of course no super hero would be complete without a cape.

Okay, my creative side is wanting to draw a picture, so here it is:

Super Deborah.jpg



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