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Fear Not – Enjoy Life’s Little Moments

Personal Prompt: Name one thing that scares you? Discuss why it scares you and think of some ways you might be able to minimize your fear. 

Fear is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. People fear lots of different things, for lots of different reasons. Some people fear clowns, spiders, or snakes. My sister fears frogs. Me, I really don’t know what I’m scared of. I don’t like snakes, but that doesn’t stop me from visiting the snake exhibit at the zoo and it didn’t stop me from going with my sister a few years ago to the reptile zoo, which was mostly snakes.

I guess my biggest fear is the unknown. I like to know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and why it is going to happen. I minimize my fear by focusing on the present. There’s no need in ruining today by worrying over what might or might not happen tomorrow. I try to live in the present and enjoy the moment.

Creative Prompt: You receive funds to create a non-profit organization. Write a mission statement detailing what your organization stands for.

I would love to start a non-profit place that provided adults with disabilities a medically safe place to take their families on vacation. People living with chronic illnesses often can’t afford to take their families on vacation. If they can afford it, they have trouble planning ahead because they have no idea if they’ll be feeling up to it a few weeks down the road. Then, they often have to arrange for special accommodations because of their illness. Sometimes it just seems easier to stay home. Especially when you take into account that many places require nonrefundable down payments to hold your reservations. I would love to offer a place that was a non-profit, funded by generous donors and fundraising where adults with chronic illnesses can go with their families and just have fun.

As for a mission statement, I’m not even sure what is required in a mission statement, so I’m not going to write one.


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