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International Pen Pals and Prize Winning Desserts

Note: I’ve been a day behind for a few days. That last post was actually yesterday’s journal entry. This catches me up. Three more days and the thirty-day journaling challenge will be complete.

Personal Prompt: You sign up for a pen pal and are connected with someone who lives in a country on the other side of the globe. Tell them about your life and where you live.

I live in a single story, single family house in a rural area. I live with my parents and younger sister. I also live with two wonderful dogs who love and protect me. Our house is surrounded on three sides by trees. There are paths through the woods to a nearby church and relatives homes.

We live on a dead-end road in a pretty safe neighborhood. When the weather is nice, neighbors are often seen going for walks up and down the road. Some are out for leisurely walks, while others are exercising to improve their health. In the summer, camp fires are a common smell as neighbors light fires and cook hotdogs, bacon, marshmallows, etc. over an open fire.

Creative Prompt: You are on a baking competition and have to make a dessert that will impress the judges. Describe your prize-winning dish.  

This one is easy. While, my gastroparesis may keep me from eating, it doesn’t stop me from cooking. I enjoy fixing foods for other people to eat and desserts are my specialty.

If I were to enter a baking competition, I would bake my homemade fudgy cocoa brownies and serve it with my homemade butter pecan ice cream. No store-bought mixes for me! Both my brownies and butter pecan ice cream are made from simple ingredients you can buy at any grocery store, but they taste great. My brownies require butter, eggs, flour, baking cocoa, sugar, and vanilla. My butter pecan ice cream requires half and half, heavy whipping cream, brown sugar, vanilla, white sugar, butter, and pecans. The recipes I saw somewhere else, so they aren’t mine, but I could add my own little changes to make the final product my own.


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