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Life’s Trials – Lost and Found

Personal Prompt: Write a letter to someone who has treated you poorly. Explain to them how their actions hurt you and strategize a way to move on.


To the bullies of this world:

I’ve chosen to not call you out individually, but you known who you are. You choose people who are different from you to make fun of. Instead of building up people living with chronic illnesses you choose to mock us. You find humor in our inability to do many of the things you take for granted daily.

I’m asking for you to do one thing for me. I’m asking that you look beyond our differences in physical appearance, the way we walk, the way we talk, all the things that make us “different” from you and treat us the way you want others to treat you. Is that too much to ask?


A person living with chronic illnesses


Creative Prompt: You decide to put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea. Write your message here.

Note: I’m not really going to put this message in a bottle, so don’t start looking for it. Our rivers have so much trash floating in them that I would never put a message in a bottle In one. It would probably get lost amongst the litter and never be found, but if I were to ever write a message in a bottle, I think I would write it from the perspective of the message in the bottle not my own, so here we go:


Dear Finder:

Wow, I’ve finally been found. I’m a letter in a bottle. When I was stuffed in that bottle and thrown in the river, I thought I might be lost forever, but you were the lucky one to find me. Thanks for rescuing me from that bottle. A young woman wrote me several days ago and just stuffed me into a tiny bottle and threw me away like I wasn’t even important.

Since you found me, I’d like for you to visit the lady’s blog ( and let her know I’ve been found. You see, she’s always wanted to put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea, but she’s never even been close to a sea or ocean. She lives in a landlocked area where the only bodies of water she ever gets a chance to see are ponds, lakes, and rivers. Depending on which river she dropped me in, you may have found me anywhere. Some of the rivers and streams near here hometown dead end in ponds and lakes. However, some of the rivers flow into larger rivers, which eventually flow into the ocean. When you visit her blog, could you tell her where I was found. Tell her a little about your town and what life is like there. I’m sure she would love to hear more about it.

Thanks for finding me,

A message in a bottle


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