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Oh me of little faith

Sometimes in life, it’s better to live in the present and not worry over what may or may not happen tomorrow. I worried all day yesterday because my dog was sick. I know she is getting old and I was afraid the vet was going to tell me she needed to be put down. It turns out that I was worried for nothing. Lucky has colitis, which is causing her to run a fever and pass blood from her bowels, and what I thought was fluid was just fatty benign tumors. The vet prescribed her antibiotics, probiotics, and something to coat her stomach and intestines.

Lucky showed us how much spunk she still had in her while we were at the veterinarian’s office. She didn’t want any strangers touching her and she made that pretty clear. It was a new veterinarian and a new office. Who doesn’t get a little nervous when seeing a new doctor? She didn’t want them to check her temperature or check her for worms. She didn’t have any worms, but they had to put a muzzle on her to keep her from biting anyone while they checked. A few days of medicine though and she should be back to her old self. The vet explained everything to me about how the digestive tract works and what each medicine does. When he finished, I laughed and said, “I have digestive tract issues and you just explained everything about my dog the same way my doctor explained my issues.” I think he wondered why I set there and allowed him to explain it all. I was trying to be polite and allow him to do his job. It doesn’t hurt to get everything explained again.

While the vet was explaining the medicines and I was paying the bill, mom took Lucky outside where she could calm her down and take the muzzle off. Lucky was sitting in the van smiling at mom when I came out. Lucky had laid in her kennel yesterday and not done anything. This morning she wouldn’t eat her food and acted like she couldn’t get in the van. All they did at the vet did was a thorough exam. Lucky didn’t get any medicine until we were home. Mom said when they went outside to go home Lucky jumped up in the van like nothing was wrong. Lucky laid in the back of the van and smiled all the way home. I think she knew where we were going and that we had medicine to make her feel better. All my worrying and it turned out my dog was just trying to be like me. Dogs are smart animals. Sometimes I wonder if they are smarter than their owners.


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