My Arts and Crafts

Here are a few things I’ve painted in the last ten years.  I’m a long way from being a professional painter, but at least I have fun.  Some paintings are landscapes, some are abstract, and some are just fun.

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I mostly knit baby items because they are small and don’t take as long to knit.  I have trouble with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, so my knitting is limited.  I recently found a pattern for knitted lemon stress balls.  I may have to start knitting them for All my friends.

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Here are some photos of knitting projects I have completed…baby blankets, hats, and mittens.

I made myself a pair of socks while participating in the Red Heart Spring Knit-A-Long with Marly Bird. This pair of socks was made using vineyard colored Chic Sheep yarn. I’m also working on a blue/green pair of socks using another brand of yarn. I’ll try to post photos of those when I complete them. I have several projects I am currently working on. I really need to complete some projects and free up some knitting needles.