My Pets

I must admit, I’m a dog lover.  I currently have one dog, Pepper.

Pepper is approximately five or six years old.  The vet guessed him to be two years old win_20160921_20_52_06_prowhen I got him.  Someone gave Pepper to my grandfather.  Pappaw couldn’t take care of Pepper, so he gave Pepper to me.  The person who gave Pepper to Pappaw said Pepper was full breed Pekingese.  However, the vet believes he is a Pekingese Papillon mix.  Either way, Pepper knows he is king of the house.  He barks for his spot on the recliner, foot stool, and bed… and he always gets his way.  He’s spoiled and we all know it.

0131220914Lucky was eleven years old when she died Sunday, May 7, 2017.  I’m not sure what breed she was.  A stray came in at our house and had pups.  The night the pups were born, dad said the mother wasn’t accepting the runt.  Just like Wilbur was rescued from an untimely death in Charlotte’s Web, I rescued the runt of the litter of pups.  She was cold and stiff when mom brought her in the house.  I wrapped her in a warm towel and dripped warm milk into her mouth using a medicine syringe.  After I had warmed her up, we tried to give her back to her mommy, but she wouldn’t let her eat.  So I brought the pup in the house and raised it.  Not only did Lucky survive being cold, stiff, and hungry, the pups all got parvo when they were about four months old and only two lived.  I guess Lucky was an appropriate name.  Although I think being inside was what saved her life.  After several years of house living, Lucky decided she wanted to be an outside dog.  However, she’s spoiled a little rotten and during the really hot parts of summer and the cold winter months she comes back in to live with me.



More pictures coming soon!